Bar Pujo -1426


Kolkata, April 11 2020: Due to outbreak of COVID-19, Mohun Bagan Athletic club is not going to celebrate the customary ” Bar Puja” this year. The Kolkata Maidan celebrates the traditional “Bar Puja” on the first day of the Bengali New Year.  This is a ritual worshiping the bar posts on either end, which earlier used to officially mark the starting of a new football season.

Hony. General Secretary of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club , Shri Srinjoy Bose said “It’s very unfortunate that we need to call off the customary ritual that we follow on Bengali New Year’s Day every year. But in present condition safety of our fans, colleagues is our topmost priority and keeping that in mind, we had to take this hard decision. We sincerely hope that tough time will be over and football will be back in Maidan very soon”.