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Kolkata, April 21, 2020: To ensure safety and health aspects of players, officials and fans the AIFF Executive Committee announced today that the 2019-20 season of I–League stays concluded and Mohun Bagan are declared as the Hero I-League champion for 2019-20.

Mohun Bagan has always believed in upholding the spirit of the beautiful game and maintaining integrity both on and off the field. Despite overwhelming support from rest of the clubs, the Mohun Bagan family was shocked by the reaction of Quess East Bengal FC and East Bengal Club, who against the spirit of the game tried their best to deny a rightful title, which was already mathematically sealed. We hope that their centenary celebrations bring cheer & wish they maintain the spirit of the game in future.

Mohun Bagan takes this opportunity to thank all the players, coaching staff, support staff, groundsman and the Management who worked tirelessly to build a dream team and nurture it with proper guidance to reach the final summit. Mohun Bagan would especially like to thank the maestro Kibu Vicuña for displaying a spectacular brand of football throughout the season. Mohun Bagan would also like to thank Kalyani Municipal Corporation and West Bengal, Bidhan Nagar and Kolkata Police and all volunteers and active members for their thorough assistance in conducting and organizing all the home matches smoothly.

Despite organizing the I-league home matches at Kalyani, Mariners were never short in numbers to fill the gallery and has the highest attendance among all participating clubs of I-League – Total attendance of 172449 and per match average of 19161. We extend  our gratitude towards Green & Maroon fans across the globe who supported us even when the chips were down. Our fans are truly amazing, as always.

Mohun Bagan is happy to leave you with memories of this great season for years to come. We sign off with where we have started “Dream Big Support Fearlessly”.